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Ayo ke Ternate



Dive School


Created from a vision of  youth-led community that have great enthusiasm  to protect and preserve the sea, for the sake of next generation.


Become the Best Dive Center in Indonesia that aim to protect and preserve the environment.


1. Provide  safe and comfortable dive experience.
2. Raise divers’ and people of North Moluccas awareness to save the sea and protect our environtment.

Let's Go to Ternate

Ternate is ‘the entrance’ of the Halmahera sea, North Maluku, Indonesia, which is also, The center of
the world's coral triangle, 468 species of hard corals recorded to be found in 24 sites. There are
approximately 185 species within one site, which means that it is the largest population of hard coral
species that found within one site in the world. Raja Ampat (West Papua, Indonesia) recorded to
have only 131 species or site. Bunaken (North Sulawesi, Indonesia) has 155 site. The 2 sites (Rao
Island and Ngele Ngele Reef in Morotai, North Maluku) reaches over 250 species / site. What
amazing coral species diversity exist within the Halmahera Sea!

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